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    Request for SCP exam granted, what's next?




      Good day! I am a newbie and wanted to get a certification for SCP Solarwinds. I registered and is confirmed to take an exam and I have questions.


      1.) There is a link provided in the email and a logon name and password, once I click on it and put in credentials, would that already activate a timer for my exam?

      2.) I dont have any idea how many items or leveling does SCP have, do you guys have an idea of the items and time allotted to take the exam?

      3.) Are review materials provided enough to pass the exam or would it better if I review a related IT knowledge to be able to pass (eg CCNA for CISCO)?


      More Power and Thanks in advance.


      Thank you,

      Jasper Perado

        • Re: Request for SCP exam granted, what's next?

          You should login and watch the video (required).

          After this you have plenty of time until you decide to take the exam.

          BE WARNED - It is no walk in the park...a lot of study will be needed unless you are a networking guru (which i am not)

          From memory you have about 90 minutes to run through 77 questions...if you dont make it the first time you need to wait 7 days for a retake

          There are a lot of materials out there...most on solarwinds sites or thwack but there are other sources too...people who have taken he test and decided to review it.