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    Network Sensor or Server Sensor or Both? QoE


      Hello everyone,

      I have recently deployed a Windows QoE server that is connected to a monitored or SPAN port on our Core Switch.  I have mirrored our firewall and proxy ports to that SPAN port in order to collect QoE data on traffic that is leaving and coming into our network.  I have used 1 network sensor, and it has collected a plethora of data with both application and network response times.  My question is this, would the data be more accurate for the application response times if I deploy server sensors on some of the servers that I am interested in?  Right now, it isn't an option since the servers I am interested in are Linux, but I know Solarwinds is working on making the server sensors compatible with Linux.  I have read the Solarwinds QoE deployment guide and it says to deploy EITHER a network sensor OR server sensor.  But a Solarwinds technician that I have recently talked to said that the data would be more accurate if I deploy server sensors in combination with the network sensors.  He said that the network sensors are for network response times and the server sensors are for application response times.  Can someone please clarify this??