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    which is the last email from solarwind before the shipment is made ???


      Hello Everyone
                            I have received the email from team Solarwind on 2nd of March that your order has been placed for shipping the Kit and certificate, but have not get it yet, rather i have received the email that they are asking me about the tracking number while i have not received any email in which solarwind did send me the Tracking number so kindly tell me if anyone of you got their kit without Tracking number email ???????

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          tenacious, the Certification Team has answered all of your questions via the certification email box. Please continue to direct any inquiries there so we can respond more quickly than on the public thwack forum.


          To review:

          • Once you pass the exam online, the Test Administrator reviews the results and passes SCP candidates officially (usually within 2-3 business days).
          • Then an auto-generated email is sent to SCPs (the "congratulatory email") that has attached an e-certificate if you have an employer, business associate, or other entity who quickly needs official verification or validation that you are SCP Certified. That email also asks SCPs to hit reply and verify their name & proper shipping address for the hard copy (framed) certificate & mug that comes in the free Welcome Kit. The sooner SCPs reply to that email, the sooner we can get them processed and get their free Welcome Kit processed for shipping out.
            • As an aside, these kits are taking anywhere from 4-6 weeks to process at the third party fulfillment facility.
          • Once we get back the reply that confirms name and shipping, we request the SCP's kit and it is staged in a queue at the fulfillment house. That is when you get this email:
            • "Thanks for confirming your shipping information. This is a brief email to confirm that your SCP Welcome Kit order has been placed. Orders are accumulated during the week and processed by the fulfillment house on Monday. Your next email should contain confirmation that fulfillment is underway."
          • The part where it says "...Your next email should contain confirmation that fulfillment is underway." is not up to us, but is when the fulfillment house physically packs up your free Welcome Kit and sends it to USPS for processing.
          • Once underway, the fulfillment house gets the tracking numbers for each package from USPS and associates that with each shipment. Then is when you will get a confirmation email that notes your tracking number and a link to USPS.com so you can follow along the status of the shipment.

          Hope that helps. Please contact the Certification Team at certification@solarwinds.com if you have any further questions. I'll have them send you the tracking email again in case it's lost in your inbox. Just so you know, your package landed in Pakistan on 4/3/15:

          Date & Time

          Status of Item


          April 3, 2015 , 3:52 pm

          Processed Through Sort Facility


          Congrats on passing the exam!