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    NPM not sending alerts to Alert Central


      I recently setup Alert Central.  If I configure E-mail Alert Sources to connect to Orion, it works.  When configuring Orion Alert Sources, it connects, however, alerts in Orion never seem to reach Alert Central.  The checkbox to integrate with other Solarwinds products is checked. 

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          To test reporting I set the warning threshold to 10% and the status dot stays green even though the proxy mem usage is about 40%.

          Can  someone please explain like I'm 5 what I need to check.







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              I have the same issue and have deleted and recreated the Orion connection several times. It passes all of the initial tests, just doesn't bring in alerts.

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                  Alert Central tries to detect it's own address/hostname but in some cases it detects incorrect hostname/address. This address can be overridden - see below. The detected (or specified) address is sent to Orion when the Orion Alert source is created. Using this address is Orion notifying Alert Central about changes in alerts.


                  You can check what address/URL is configured in the Settings / Advanced Settings / Notification settings? This should be configured to an address on which the Alert Central is accessible from outside (especially from Orion server). The URL should be in form of http(s)://address without any further path.


                  You can also check what address is used in subscriptions on Orion server (you need to check it in the database in the subscriptions table - for example by using Database Manager on Orion server). The subscriptions used by Alert Cnetral has EndpointAddress starting with http or https. This address need to be accessible from Orion server.