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    Filter on Trap Details lines




      I am new in SolarWinds and the NPM product and we a trying to set up som SNMP trap rules but dosen't get it working as we want to.


      What we are trying to do is this:


      We get a trap that looks like this in the Trap Details:

      aixSnmptrapHolder=This is a test


      sysUpTime=489 days 1 hour 17 minutes 13,00 seconds




      Our filter looks like this in the "Trap Details Pattern":

      .*This is a test.*194\..*


      So we want to filter on the value in "aixSnmptrapHolder" and on the value in "experimental.1057.1.0". We can filter on only "aixSnmptrapHolder" or on only "experimental.1057.1.0" so my question is if it is possible to filter on more then one line in Trap Deatils through the "Trap Details Pattern"