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    Custom Report - Computers Needing Patches




      Our compliance team is looking for a report that lists the number of systems that need patches that were released prior to the current month.  I've tried to use sections from Updates, Computer, Update Services Computer Computer System, but every time I try something with two different tables, it yells at me.


      Is there anything I can do to generate this report that I'm missing?  Is there a way to get them to join appropriately?

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          Do you have any of the other Orion products, like APM/SAM or NPM?  If so, you can build a custom SQL report using the Report Writer built into NPM.  I have tried to use the custom report writer that is in the Patch Manager console, and the OSQL (I think that is what the Orion SQL language is referred to) is very confusing, and I have rarely gotten any results, much less the results I was hoping for.  I have built reports for machines in a Pending Reboot state, machines still needing updates, etc., and could easily post the SQL for machines needing updates older than 30 days, but if you don't have access to the Orion SQL report writer that won't be very useful to you.  Let me know.