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    Receive only Windows security log by default?


      Is it possible to set this as a default setting, or is it necessary to first get the agent reporting and then edit the node connector settings to stop the application and system logs?

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          See if this will help achieve your objective (Tool is the old terminology for Connector)



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            This looks promising, however for now at least I reverted to switching off the application and system logs per node.  I created a profile and stopped these connectors but the next node I added to the profile continued to pull them in.


            Does it perhaps take a couple of minutes for a profile to apply?  I must say I reverted using the profile after about 30 seconds I saw the second node still showing these logs as active.  I will however try again using two nodes that I know to be "less chatty".  I do wonder if the profile settings on apply to the options within each connector e.g. Alias, Output, nDepth Port etc.


            Lastly and this is probably my lack of understanding, I found that when editing a node from the Cog > Connectors option to stop these logs they were again active after a node reboot.  This time I've switched them off by double-clicking the node and used the On/Off switches under "Node: Connectors Applied" hopefully these will stick.


            Reminder we're on v6.1.0.