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      I'd be interested to know what others have done and would like to share a few of my own


      Here's one of mine... I created a "Web Site Tool" which launches a browser to the host name of the asset. Doesn't sound like much out of context, but I created a client for our print server software (Papercut) and had it email the low toner notifications to WHD which are filtered by content to remove the printers that IT isn't responsible for and a low toner ticket is generated and auto-assigned. The PaperCut client in WHD has all printers tied to it so when this ticket is created the tech goes to the asset view of the ticket and just adds the appropriate printer to the ticket. From there they can click on the "Web Site Tool" to view and track the pages remaining in order to get the most $$$ out of our toners.


      We also were having an issue where a tech would take the last toner and not say anything leaving us without toner the next time. So I added the toners as parts in WHD but they were still forgetting to add the part to the ticket . I created a action rule that fires off if the ticket is a low toner ticket, was just changed to resolved, does not have a printer and/or part added to the ticket. The rule then re-opens the ticket and adds a very sarcastic tech-only note



      What else do you guys have?