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    Trap issues after NPM 11.5 update


      Case # 779192 - Trap issues after NPM 11.5 update


      I updated to 11.5 last week and all seemed to go well. I noticed I was not seeing certain trap alerts being sent to email. Looked into this and found that some TRAP OID's are being truncated since the 11.5 update and since I have alerts setup to use the longer OID's its not sending the emails out. This is happening Randomly on all of our devices like this and the devices have not been touched. Has anyone else seen this issue? I have installed the HotFix3 as well with no dice...



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          Haven't seen that specifically sorry malley56, hope your case progresses to the Dev team for resolution.
          I've been working with the Dev team last week for a memory leak issue with WinPCap that the trap service uses.

          That has been resolved in Orion Platform 2015.1 HotFix4 as I've don't 24hrs of testing now and appears to have worked.

          There is about 7 other resolved issues but none refer to anything for you.


          "(Orion Platform 2015.1 Hotfix 4)

          6. Alert schedules that occur during the Daylight Saving Time change (2:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m.) may no longer respect your maintenance windows.

          7. You receive false alerts about node reboots when users set nodes to "Unmanaged".

          8. You can only select individual recipients when sending page or SMS message with NotePager Pro.

          9. The Alert Manager in the web is empty when you have more than 5,000 alerts.

          10. The ampersand (&) is counted as an illegal character in email addresses in alert and report actions.

          11. The trap service stops after 45 minutes.

          12. VM Associations are incorrect in AppStack.

          13. Volume polling fails in Orion Platform when VMan integration is enabled.

          14. Database maintenance deletes alert history for all reset alerts."

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            Thanks squinsey also, In my case it was a Database problem i had to clean the data base logs, and that fix everything.

            Thanks again