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    Upgrading from NTA 3.11 to NTA 4.1 - Question on hardware


      As I understand it, moving to NTA 4.0 and up and *should* place the flow storage database on separate hardware.  I found Orion's suggested hardware requirements and got a Dell R430 build that I think fits the job.  I'm looking for feedback.


      Dell R430

      PERC H730 RAID Controller, 1GB NV Cache

      2x E5-2620 v3 2.4GHz,15M Cache,8.00GT/s QPI,Turbo,HT,6C/12T

      64GB RAM 2133MT/s RDIMMs

      8x 300GB 10K RPM SAS  (2x in RAID1 for system, 6x in RAID10 for database)