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    Add the option of change assets in WHD portal


      Dear all,

      I spend hours to find a configuration and setup solution for this, but with no luck so far. Maybe somebody else found a solution for it.

      We provide 500x desktop computers in various computer labs for the student community. Also we work with various departments looking after another ~500x desktop computers. Even though we have only one technician looking after the technical setup we have a team of 12 - 15 Computing Assistants providing 1st level front end support in the computer labs for the students.

      Now I am looking for a way that the CAs can logon to the WHD portal, chose the correct request type and add the correct asset (PC) to the ticket. I failed to find a way to change the portal to display "computer lab" (customs field), "model" and "serial number". So the Computing Assistant can chose the computer lab, the PC in question and add this to the ticket.

      I don't want to link ~ 1.000x PCs in a very long list to one name (the technician who looks after the technical support) because I think this is not practical for the Computing Assistants.

      How can I configure WHD that a team member can add the faulty PC through the web portal to a ticket? By the way the computers are not all in the asset database yet. Any information and help is very much appropriated.

      I must admit to give a Computing Assistant a full WHD account would solve the issue, but this is a very costly way to organize this. So I thought the portal (and with help of Client Admin) I could find a way to set it up.

      Thank you for your help.