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    Solarwinds slow


      I am using Solarwinds NPM and SAM on the same server. When I access the console either on the machine or from another machine, access is extremely slow. Even navigating through each page there is roughly an 8 second delay. I have tried using firefox and IE. How can I pinpoint the issue thanks. Maybe its an underpowered server?

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          Vinay BY

          Guess so, revisit the pre-requisites. Check your IIS, App pools and DB response. (I am sure you would have already looked into CPU/Mem utilization)

          Hope it helps

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            Manilyn Ramos

            Are you using http or https?

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              Leon Adato

              I think we need to understand the load on the machine:

              • What is the monitoring load
                • How many devices
                • How many interfaces
                • How many volumes
                • How many UnDP monitors
                • How many SAM components
              • What is the hardware
                • CPU (sockets, cores, and speed)
                • RAM
              • what is the database situation
                • on the same server as NPM/SAM or different
                • CPU
                • RAM
                • Disk configuration (local, SSD, RAID1+0, etc)
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                Have you separated the database out to a stand-alone server? If not, like the others have suggested, it is likely that your server is getting hammered.


                While you can run NPM & SAM together on the same server along with the database, I wouldn't recommend it, especially in an production environment.


                DISCLAIMER: If you have a monster server with a direct attached disk tray whose IOPS are only used for the database (with the OS and NPM/SAM installed on the local disks), then you might be OK, but experience tells me that this is is unlikely

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                  Thanks, I've taken over this setup. The DB is on the same server, about 70 servers and 100 remote firewalls with info being pulled via snmp. Using http. Looks like I need to move DB to its own server

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                      Polling interval can affect in a negative way also, perhaps the polling interval is too low, 60 seconds for apps in SAM for example can make a disaster if you have multiple templates.


                      baher You can increase the polling interval if its acceptable to decrease load in the server/db