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    Importing Assets Wrestling Match


      Produced a database of all of our iPads in a project (11,531).  Produced an export that pumps any of these out to the format that WHD into CSV format.  Server runs on RHEL.


      I get:


      Line 2: Purchase order 776A30008 contains no line items for model 'iPad mini Wi-Fi, Cellular (MM)' that have not already been associated with an Asset.


      SO I fish around fish around looking for POs to find a place in a PO to create new line items.  PO's are very well hidden, you need the manual to find them!  From the manual:



      To add Purchase Order information:
      1. Click Assets > Purchase Orders.

      2. Click New Purchase Order at the bottom of the search display list.



      Unfortunately both the online-inline help and the manual point to purchase orders and they don't seem to exit.  Oddly enough I know they are there because I had entered the 776A30008 into the system!




      I'll add to the post once I find them... again. %-)

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          Oh that's right, it is not in "Assets" it is in "Assets".  Silly me.  Purchase Orders are data. Ok, fine.  under the "Assets" icon would have been so much clearer in the documentation.


          Anyway, under the "Assets" icon I found my purchase order and sure enough, no "Line Items" but there is the "New Line Item" button, woo hoo! So I attempt to add "Line Item" and insanely it tells me that I can't add it because there is no asset with the number in the system.   Can't import assets because there is no line item and can't add a line item because there is no asset. Really?

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              Ok, this is good. If I delete most of the data from the asset import and leave only the required fields, it imports without issue.  And interestingly it joined the text of "*Manufacturer" and "*Model" to produce a ManufacturerModel instead of matching the models already setup in the system?  Overloading the import to produce different functions is a wee bit confusing although powerful. It would make more sense to check box the interface to make this less of a surprise.