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    Syslog node names?


      I have a number of syslog devices pointed at LEM, but they all show up as IP addresses for node name. Is there a way to change the name of these nodes?



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          Are the Cisco? If they are Cisco devices, make sure you have enabled origin-id logging for syslog messages. The command is:


          logging origin-id { hostname | ip | ipv6 | string user-defined-id }


          "hostname" specifies that the hostname will be used as the message origin identifier and "ip" specifies that the IP address of the sending interface will be used as the message origin identifier.

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            Hello, Solarwinds has a database for Syslog. In this DB there are a HOSTNAME_UNICODE column which is used to show Syslog Hostname under Syslog web page.


            Is uses DNS to fill this column, and if DNS does not work it fills it with IP address, but it's not regularly updated.


            We changed hostnames of our devices but Syslog kept showing old ones. No DNS is configured.


            I found a couples ways to fix this.


            You can:


            1) Update Syslog.Hostname_UNICODE field to match Node.Caption or Node.Sysname using SQL update statement.


            2) Using Syslog Viewer application from your Solarwinds server you can define which columns to show on the syslog web page, and you may replace Source Hostname (from Syslog.Hostname) with Node Name (From Nodes.Caption).

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