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    Great Opportunity for Solarwinds Engineer at Fortune 500 Company


      Our Enterprise Systems Management group is looking for a monitoring engineer with in-depth experience in Solarwinds.


      About our company:


      Cardinal Health (www.cardinalhealth.com) ranked #22 on the Fortune 500 list and is a health care services company based in Dublin, Ohio specializing in distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products.


      About our environment:


      Cardinal Health's environment comprises roughly 9,000 devices (2,500 network and 6,500 server) across the globe (although there are 2 major data centers).

      • Server operating systems include Windows, Linux, AIX, Tru-64, Solaris, iSeries, and VMware.
      • Network devices include wide variety of Cisco devices, BigIP F5, Avaya, Aruba, and HP gear


      About our Solarwinds implementation:


      Modules: NPM, SAM, NTA, Kiwi Syslog, and VMan

      Infrastructure: 17 production pollers, 70,000 elements, and 300+ alerts

      Integration with IBM Netcool and ServiceNow


      About our team:


      We comprise of 4 full time employees and 6 offshore support staff.  The offshore staff focuses on level 1 and level 2 issues and tickets; while the full time employees work projects, internal enhancements, and complex issues.


      About the position:


      This is a full time employee position.  We are looking for someone who comes from a fast-paced environment of similar size. Ideal candidates will be used to handling multiple projects at the same time and are comfortable estimating labor hours and target dates for work completion.  Past consulting experience is a plus.  Other skills that would bring value are SQL, scripting (Perl and PowerShell), experience with CMDBs, and Linux/Unix skills.  Fulltime Remote Work is an option for this role as 2 of the other employees work from home full time.  The official job posting will be coming next week.  In the meantime, please contact me with any questions or interest.


      Andy Fox

      Manager, Infrastructure Appliaction


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