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    Running DPA as a clustered service in a Windows Failover Cluster


      We intending to run DPA (Ignite PI Server) as clustered service in a Windows Failover Cluster. However, whenever there is a failover I believe we would be required to manually deactivate the licenses on the now-secondary node and activate them on the new primary node. This assumption is based on this article: SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: Moving an DPA PI Server to Another Machine.


      Does DPA provide anything out of the box (from a licensing perspective or otherwise) to allow running in a clustered environment or are there any other options to support this? Additionally, what would be the steps in the scenario where the original primary node to which the product is licensed becomes unavailable/unreachable?



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          Not necessarily.  The licenses are for the monitored instances, not the repo or DPA app.  With version 9.0 and above, we now have true floating licenses.  What this means to you is that if your DPA app is installed on shared files (that failover when the cluster fails over), and starts up on the failover node pointing to the same repo, everything should just start up (licensing intact).  I'd certainly recommend testing this out.  8 )