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    NPM Event/Alert Time Question


      Looking to better understand why the events for a node are significantly off as far as times go from the actual alert.  See screenshot.


      Is anyone else experiencing this since upgrading to NPM 11.5?

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          Same here and for many others.  Most likely your MSMQ's are filling up and can't write to the database in a timely matter.

          Too many bugs in this to count.  We are considering wiping everything and going back, or moving to something else.  Support has not been able to solve these issues for over a month now.

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              On your database server have you looked at the SQLserver activity monitor to see if anything is 'stuck' there?

              If you have database issue then you should see processes 'suspended' and waiting for something [I use task state of non-blanks to see what is running, and what is stuck]


              this is fairly typical on our database server:


              i.e. a small number of waiting tasks; you can see that it's keeping up with lots of batch requests a second.

              When something bad happens the # of waiting tasks spikes up to a couple of thousand.


              Then you look to see what the task# is in the 'blocked by' or if a task is the 'head blocker' and investigate there.

              [It is possible to setup sqlserver to trap deadlocks and produce a deadlock graph for more detailed troubleshooting]


              I don't know about the size of other's systems, but we have close to 40,000 managed objects with default polling frequencies and at 11.0.1 the database server manages to keep up.

              Our full 11.5 upgrade is scheduled for a couple of weeks, but it seems to be working fine on our test server.

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              This could be due to the UTC time issue with the new alerts not respecting the system time, i know i've had to change some my reports for EST to -4 hours with a DATEADD in SQL or HOURDIFF in SWQL.


              However Solarwinds did release a HF yesterday that i believe did fix this.


              SolarWinds Orion Platform 2015.1 HotFix 3



              This HotFix also includes Orion Platform 2015.1 Hotfix 1 and Orion Platform 2015.1 Hotfix 2.

              This cumulative HotFix addresses these issues:

              (Orion Platform 2015.1 Hotfix 1)

              1. Web-based alerting issue where event based alerts do not respect the "Time Of Day" setting.

              (Orion Platform 2015.1 Hotfix 2)*

              2. BusinessLayer service crashes (system does not work) after the Daylight Saving Time change. This is caused by Reports Scheduled for 2-3 AM with Daily/Weekly/Monthly frequency for the day when the DST shift happens.

              (Orion Platform 2015.1 Hotfix 3)

              3. Variable for the "From" field in the email actions does not work.

              4. Incorrect node status in the reset email notifications.

              5. User cannot delete interfaces after upgrading to Orion Platform 2015.1.

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                HAHA i just realized @shack who you are