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    SDK Verbs, resource discovery and SAM 6.2


      Is there a list somewhere of all Verbs available to SAM 6.2?


      We are trying to completely automate node creation and destruction within a public/private cloud environment and client facing services are continuously auto expanding and contracting so it is impossible to manually track the changes to the environment so it must be automated. We can create the nodes but need to manually discover resources and get asset inventories on them which is what we are trying to avoid. We would like to add a node, have it's resources added for monitoring automatically and deploy templates to it based on the server type and usage all on creation of the server. Adding templates seems to work fine and we are still working out the triggers for the removal actions but removing or unmanging a node works fine and we can get that done so it's the resource discovery that is really becoming an issue. 

      Apparently only NPM has the ability to discover and add interfaces to a node (Orion.NPM.Interfaces.DiscoverInterfacesOnNode and Orion.NPM.Interfaces.AddInterfacesOnNode) but the Solarwinds instance we are using for this is only running SAM 6.2.


      We are also having a hard time automating discovery of other resources on the node, specifically volumes attached to a node and maintaining an automated discovery of volumes that are attached. Is there any way to run discovery on a node and other then manually running a Network Discovery?


      I would think this would think this is pretty straight forward stuff but I'm not sure if the documentation is just not complete or if it's simply not possible to do resource discovery in an automated manner. That would be very disappointing...


      Any assistance would be appreciated.