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    How to list all known hosts with CLI




      I have a customer that is using SolarWinds to monitor their environment. I need to export a list of all known hosts on their network.


      I would prefer to have the following details for each host: ip, hostname, vendor, os, device type


      They are using the follow products and versions:

      • Orion Platform 2015.1.0,
      • SAM 6.2.0,
      • QoE 2.0,
      • IPAM 4.3,
      • NPM 11.5,
      • NTA 4.1.0,
      • IVIM 2.0.0,
      • VNQM 4.2


      I guess my biggest hurdle has been that I am not familiar with the product enough to know where to look. I need to work with the data programmatically so having this data as a PDF will not be very useful.


      Any guidance on where to look for or how to access this information will be great.


      I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong place.