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    Client Admin - not for Department or Location - but for only REQUEST TYPE


      I have client admins for Departments and for Locations - it works great.  Those clients assigned to those departments and locations can open history and see all the tickets for the appropriate department or location.


      What I want is to create a client admin role - assign specific Request Types to it - then assign a Client to that Client Admin role and have that client be able to see any ticket of that Request type in their ticket history.


      This appears to be easy enough,  but the Client who is assigned that Client Admin role still sees only her tickets in her history.


      Here is what I did:


      Left Menu > Clients > client admin roles > New > Name it > select the request types > save


      Top Menu > clients  > select client > edit client > Client Admin Role > Add the client admin role I just created > save


      That is the process I went through.  Will this not work like I am expecting or am I missing a step?


      I appreciate any input someone can give.