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    Create custom report showing Uptime, Downtime Percentage & Downtime in Sec.


      Hi I am new to SolarWinds and am still learning how to use the Report Writer and have created some simple reports. Because we have a SLA we have to provide reports that show uptime and downtime and are charged for any unscheduled downtime that occurs for the week.


      We have a need to have a report that shows:


      Device                      Uptime              Downtime Percentage          Downtime in Seconds


      SERVER1                98.299                    1.7014                                       10290


      SERVER2               99.064                     0.9355                                        5658


      SERVER3               99.226                    0.7736                                        4679


      SERVER4               99.234                   0.7660                                         4633


      In additions  to the built in reports I came across this article Uptime and Downtime Report      

        but I get SQL errors. I don't know enough about SQL to troubleshoot. We are also running NPM 11.01



      Any help would be greatly appreciated.