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    Separating specific Clusters?


      So I have just started working with this product again after taking a couple years off and am looking for a little assistance. We are trying to create dashboards based on our clusters. So I want a dashboard with just "A" resources. So a widget for CPU, MEmory, VMs, etc. How do I single out this name of the cluster when creating the widget?



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          I suppose the only way is to modify SQL query to get results for particular Cluster. Something like this:


          Once you have all widgets modified for first cluster, you can copy the dashboards & widgets quite quickly:

          1) export data (Explore - Content -> choose the dashboard & press "Export") to XML file
          2) modify Dashboard name (change <content name="Dashboard1" to <content name="Dashboard2")
          3) modify all SQL queries (i.e. <searchQuery>cluster.name:"Cluster2*" AND -cluster.cpuload.latest:0</searchQuery>   to    <searchQuery>cluster.name:"Cluster3*" AND -cluster.cpuload.latest:0</searchQuery>)

          4) import data back to VMAN (Explore - Content -> choose the dashboard & press "Import Content")


          I hope it will help you. Let me know if there's a specific case that cannot be treated as described above.