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    Creating a Custom Icon With Transparency


      Hello, I need some help please.


          I have followed this video and many other directions I have found on THWACK. Creating Custom Icons in Network Atlas - YouTube

          I am trying to add a custom icon with a transparent background, which I have seen others do it, but with an older Network Atlas versions. I have network atlas version    with solarwinds  NPM 11.5.     The image is a .gif


      I have also tried it without the .gif at the end, so that isnt the case either.   


      Like I said I have followed exactly what the guy in the video says to do and also some thwack forums that pretty much are the same procedure.    Now when I get done following those instructions, I get on network atlas after rebooting and I can find and see my icon...

           However....  But the image is gone on the bottom bar where it shows the color status examples.   


      Even if I accept it and press okay, this is what appears on solarwinds and atlas for the icon.---->


      I have put the folder in both of the locations the video and others have said to do, and I did the same thing on the orion server itself. It seems like this worked with older versions judging by others... Perhaps theres more to be done with my version???