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    Problems polling wireless controller access points in NPM 11.5?


      Has anyone run into any issues when polling a wireless controller in NPM 11.5? I recently did a fresh install of NPM and tried adding a wireless controller (Cisco 5508) that has 21 AP's on it. It discovers one of the AP's but not the other 20. If I SNMPWalk the OID on the controller for the AP names, it returns the correct names for all 21, but the only one that is displayed in NPM is the first in the list. Ive tried deselecting/reselecting the wireless controller resource, rediscovering/repolling, and even went as far as deleting the wireless controller from NPM and readding it. I'm still only seeing the first AP. Has anyone else seen anything similar to this or have any ideas to try? Thanks in advance!