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    Unable to update alert central


      I'm new to installing alert central and I'm getting stuck trying to get it to connect to SolarWinds over the Internet. The error message I get is:


      Unable to Connect to SolarWinds

      Internet Connection Status

      Software Update Server

      Error while testing connection: ; nested exception is: java.net.UnknownHostException: updates.solarwinds.com

      Product Information Server

      Error while testing connection: data4content.solarwinds.com


      I've verified alert central has Internet access (I can ping google.com). We don't have any firewalls blocking traffic. Any suggestions?

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          Works for me. I would suggest trying again to confirm if it wasn't a temporary issue.


          When I check it shows this version is still current.

          Appliance Version:

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            I ran into a similar issue and found that while my DNS was set on the VM settings, the Alert Central appliance was still using different DNS settings. I could ping out to the internet, but only when using the IP address.  Initially I had overlooked the "To manage this applicance..." message shown in the below screenshot where the DNS servers are setup.  Hope this helps.