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    Orion NPM 10.6 reset admin password?


          Hello, I am trying to reset the Admin password for the Orion web console.  I cannot login, and I read about how to reset it using the database manager.  I followed the instructions here: Orion NPM Web Console Password Reset

      but this did not work.  I keep getting invalid username/password.  I also tried replacing the Admin password hash with the Guest hash, which is the default (blank), but it still did not work.  Does anybody know how to reset the admin password?  I should also note, the Admin account was disabled, and the fields AccountSID and GroupInfo were blank (not NULL), and I changed them to NULL to reflect the other accounts. 

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          Backup db and


          1. Delete from accounts where  where AccountID = 'Admin'

          2. Run configuration wizard.

          3. Admin account should be recreated with blank password.

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            Alternatively you can do the below if you don;t want to re-run the config wizard:


            1. Open the Orion Database Manager (Start -> All Programs -> SolarWinds Orion Advanced Features)


            2. Connect to your DB server (if not on the list please add it with relevant credentials)


            3. Expand your database


            4. Right click on ANY table and select Query Table


            5. Overwrite existing query with following, click on Refresh button EngineID


            SELECT AccountID, Password

            FROM Accounts

            WHERE AccountEnabled = 'Y'


            6 . You will see list of ALL active accounts with their encrypted passwords. If you do not see  any user accounts from this query then your account is disabled and you can enable it with the following :

            UPDATE Accounts

            SET AccountEnabled = 'Y'

            WHERE AccountID = 'admin'



            7. Overwrite existing query again with the following :


            UPDATE Accounts

            SET Password = ''

            WHERE AccountID = 'admin'



            8 .Click on Refresh button


            There will be no results shown so in order to see if password was set to "blank" execute query from step 5. again. At this stage you should be able to login to your Web console and modify password.

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              johnny ringo

              For anyone trying to do this with NPM t1.0.1 and greater, the Accounts table has changed and so ederdal's method will not work.  You can use LadaVarga's but after you run the config wizard you have to modify the HomePageViewID and SummaryViewID fields to views configured on your system.    You can use the SolarWinds Database Manager utility to do this by clicking the "Enable table editing" option.