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    Scope of alert - Show list - Bug or bad UI design?




      In NPM 11.5 with the new web based alerts what's the scope of "Show list" that appears under the "scope of alert" section? The way the UI is displayed suggests that when you click "Show list" it should only show objects for the scope of the alert. But it's actually taking in to account the trigger condition too.




      In the above example I'm expecting that when I click on "Show list" it should show node objects that match the "All objects where" condition. But it's also evaluating the trigger condition. So I'm unable to test the scope, unless I clear the trigger condition first.


      If this is expected the UI probably needs to be changed because to me when I click "Show list" I'm expecting only the alert scope to be evaluated. But this seems more like a bug?

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          Bumping this thread because I just ran into this.  I agree that this is an extremely misleading function.  I fully expect that "Show List" link to display all objects included in the scope filter.

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            I've been puzzling over this myself, and when viewing the SWQL, it doesn't look like the scope is being applied during the SELECT, it's being applied like the trigger condition logic.  This is the SWQL for a Volume low disk space alert where I set the scope for only Nodes that start with SQL and the Node Vendor is Windows (bold is the scope condition).


            SELECT E0.[Uri], E0.[DisplayName]

            FROM Orion.Volumes AS E0

            WHERE ( ( ( E0.[Node].[Caption] LIKE 'SQL%' ) AND ( E0.[Node].[Vendor] = 'Windows' ) ) AND ( ( ( E0.[CustomProperties].[Alert_Vol_Space] IS NULL ) AND ( E0.[CustomProperties].[Alert_Vol_Percent] IS NULL ) AND ( E0.[Type] = 'Fixed Disk' ) AND ( E0.[VolumeSpaceAvailableExp] <= '1000000000' ) ) OR ( ( E0.[CustomProperties].[Alert_Vol_Percent] IS NOT NULL ) AND ( E0.[VolumePercentUsed] > E0.[CustomProperties].[Alert_Vol_Percent] ) ) OR ( ( E0.[CustomProperties].[Alert_Vol_Space] IS NOT NULL ) AND ( E0.[VolumeSpaceAvailableExp] < E0.[CustomProperties].[Alert_Vol_Space] ) ) ) )


            I'm new to SQL (and SWQL) queries, but shouldn't there be an IN or DISTINCT in there?  I'm cleaning up a lot of old alerts, and trying to use the Scope to improve efficiency (and hopefully performance) in Orion.




            Orion Platform 2015.1.2, SAM 6.2.0, NPM 11.5.2 (we have an upgrade project planned).