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    Meraki Cloud Devices - not showing as "AP" devices


      Has anyone else experinced issues getting Meraki units to display as "AP" devices / "wifi" interfaces?


      We've got some MR32's being deployed, and i've tried both direct SNMP monitoring and monitoring of the cloud device.


      Monitoring the cloud - following this guide (file:///C:/Users/leporaj/Downloads/ConfigurationGuide-Meraki-SolarwindsSNMP%20(2)%20(2).pdf) , i see the properties of AP's attached, but only under the "dashboard device".  So, my end goal of creating a heat map ... well i have no objects to move over to it.


      Monitoring directly, the device will show up, and show 3 interfaces - wired0 / mon0 / mon1.


      My end goal is working on the heat maps ... but Network Atlas is throwing this up since it's not seeing it as AP.  Any advice?