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    LEM: How to access printer log events (syslog)?


      I want to monitor a few key printers via syslog. All are HP devices, and I've logged into them and set the syslog properties to point at my LEM with the appropriate IP address and priority.


      I went to go add a syslog node - entered the IP address of the printer and selected "HP" as the manufacturer. LEM reports back that it "has not found any new nodes or connectors in the syslog files that are being monitored". I tried all 4 of my syslog configured printers with the same result.


      So I did a lot of searching here at Thwack, I read a bunch of discussions and I watched two videos on configuring and troubleshooting syslog monitoring. After this I logged into the command line console (cmc) and ran the "checklogs" command in the the APPLIANCE section.


      All of my syslog logs (local0 thru local7) are empty. But the Printer log has data. If I view the Printer log data I can see the events coming in from my configured printers (see screenshots).


      But I cannot get a proper syslog connector set up. I can't view the events in the Monitor or nView areas of the web console - even if I search for the IP addresses. How do I get to this data?


      What the heck am I missing here? It's driving me nuts!


      (LEM version 6.1, by the way...)



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          Update in case anyone else does any searching on this - I opened a support ticket with SolarWinds and had a tech support call on this topic.


          The LEM logging behavior is expected and working as designed. Printer syslog events are captured in the printer log and not the 'syslog localx' logs. Because there isn't a connector to connect the data in the printer log bin and the LEM system I can't access the data. I was relieved to hear it wasn't a bad configuration on my end.


          SolarWinds is going to build a new connector for HP Printers for us. They just sent me a list of information they need and I'll get it all filled out and send back. After that I just need to wait until the connector is built and ready for testing.


          I'm marking this item as closed/solved, pending the new connector.