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    FOE server hostname


      HI Guys,

      can anyone help me clarify this:


      1.  Will there be any impacts on my solarwinds, if I change my solarwinds server hostname.


      2. For my FoE, V2V, pre-clone, do I need both machine to have the same hostname?



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          All SolarWinds licenses are tied to the hostname of the server where they are installed. Changing the hostname would require you to reclaim those licenses, change the hostname, re-apply the licenses to the server, then re-run the Configuration Wizard. You may also have to re-assign all your nodes to the new poller name as Orion will think this is an entirely new poller and your jobs are assigned to a poller with the old/original name.


          Yes, FoE does require that both primary and secondary servers have the same hostname.