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    SNMPv3 & APC PDU's


      Has anyone has been able to get SMNPv3 monitoring in NPM to work on APC PDU's?  Tried almost everything an no luck...

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          Yes. SHA1 and AES128. The passphrases need to be a minimum of 12 characters in length.

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            Wondering if there are other APC users who have gotten SNMPV3 working in Solarwinds? I could never get it working with their UPS's and now my company is implementing APC PDU AP7801. It has an integrated NIC running the latest firmware Application v3.7.4 and APC OS v3.9.0. It looks very similar if not the exact same as the  UPS Network Management Card APC9630.


            Username can be up to 32 ASCII

            Auth Passphrase: 15 to 32 ASCII

            Priv Passphriase: 15 to 32 ASCII

            Auth Protocol: MD5

            Priv Protocol: DES

            Access: Enabled

            Access Control: Enabled with same Username and IP of NMS


            The settings are entered in the APC PDU/UPS but when I enter the equivalent settings in Solarwinds "Add Node" I get "Test Failed".


            I see the above poster says "Yes. SHA1 and AES128 passphrase minimum 12" but I don't see those options in the APC GUI on either the APC9630 or the AP7801.


            Is there somewhere in Solarwinds I can see the log why the Add Node failed?

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              Nevermind. I was trying to use the same Auth and Priv passphrase. We do this on our Cisco equipment with no problem. I guess APC doesn't allow? But it doesn't say anything in their documentation or error logs.

              Once I changed the Priv passphrase to something different, the device loaded OK into Solarwinds

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