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    Solarwinds SCOM management pack - does not save the configuration


      When I run the Solarwinds Orion Configuration wizard to select nodes and interfaces, then the configuration changes i.e. the select nodes etc are not saved. The next time I run the wizard the changes are gone. I don't get any errors. I can see the devices in the wizard so there is a connection to the Solarwinds server.


      I have set the polling interval to 5 min and yes to detect database changes (not sure what this means though), and detect changes every 24 hours.


      It's a SCOM 2012 R2 environement with 5 management servers. I have installed the Solarwinds software (windows service) on all 5 MS's but stopped the Orion MP Service on 4 og the MS's so the service is only running on the first MS which also host the Root Management Server Emulator role.


      Any ideas are welcome.




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          Hi Lars, I can imagine this being caused by two things, either user account that you are using doesn't have necessary level of permissions to save the changes, or the config file is being modified by the Orion MP Service at the same time. So I'd recommend to try to run the Configuration wizard as an elevated user (right click on executable/shortcut and select Run as Administrator) and also stop the Orion MP Service temporarily while you are working with Configuration wizard. That should hopefully help.