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    Why am I getting multiple mails from advanced alerts?


      I have set up an advanced alert which is running on a subset of nodes within our network. I've grouped these nodes based on a custom property and the alert is working as expected, that is to say it is firing when I expect it to. Problem is I am getting tonnes of mails, they just keep coming. I haven't changed any of the time related options from their default eg "check this alert every one minute"

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          There are a few things to check:

          1. Are you getting double alerts from Alert Central? e.g. your Advanced Alerts would have a Trigger Action of both report to NPM Event Log AND send an e-mail to Alert Central. This causes there to be an alert generated from the initial creation of the Event Log entry AND the e-mail sent directly to Alert Central. I learned this the hard way when I first installed AlertCentral and received a ton of alerts...multiple times over. I set it to just write to the Event Log, and it significantly reduced my Alert Central noise.

          2. Is it the same alert in AlertCentral triggering an e-mail over and over? You may want to check your user/group escalation settings in AlertCentral. You might be spamming yourself until the status of the ticket changes.

          3. Is it the same rule triggering over and over? You can always adjust your reset thresholds to compensate. It's possible that the alert is triggering active/inactive/active/inactive, etc. and this could be generating additional alerts for each flap.


          Hope this helps!

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            I have a ticket open with support on this issue and will post a resolution once provided.

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                Yea i had a few things like that happening too, what dhanson has given you to check definitely cuts back on noise. I actually just installed Alert Central last week and have been getting spammed with it. Make sure your Alert in NPM isn't already sending you an email, because even if you have it set not to send an email it, Alert Central will automatically send you an email b/c it is integrated  with the Orion platform. Also make sure if u have multiple email sources to double check where the emails are going, they may be firing several alerts to people that are in the same group

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                Hey Noobes,


                I changed a few things on my end including the email relay but I believe the primary issue was a result of having CC and/or BCC vtext contacts in addition to the TO field.  I moved all email contacts to the TO field and removed the CC/BCC options which fixed the duplicate emails.  I'd be curious to know if that happens to fix your issue.