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    LEM Report on Connector status


      Hi I wonder if anyone could advise please on the "Connector report" within LEM  I have just taken over the role as support for this product so bare with me.


      I have run a report which lists all connectors and there is a heading of Installed Date and Last Connected,


      The issue I seem to have is the Column Last connected doesn't seem to reflect the correct date and time, I would expect if the Connector is connected to the Manager that it it would show the date and time now however its displaying as 2 months ago. Now I know the connector is connected as I get E-mail reports, is there a bug in the logging of Last connected.


      BTW if I start and stop the connector I get the date and time the connector was restarted. Followed by the appropriate E-mail Alerts.


      So the question is does the Connector status only update at a predefined time or should I be getting real time update on the connector?


      Thanks for any help