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    Eaton UPS Alerting


      We are looking at installing quite a number of Eaton UPS's on our network and want to know if it's possible to configure Solarwinds to give us a graphical interface and provide sms alerts on the UPS battery life replacement indicators, faults etc?. I noticed  the APC UPS's has universal device pollers in the Solarwinds product and provides the information we would like to see but can't find any information on the Eaton UPS's?.

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          I would suggest using the UnDP here: Eaton Poweware Universal Device Poller  and alerting on changes to the xupsBatteryAbmStatus. Normally is "batteryFloating" and changes to "batteryDischarging" when utility power is removed. i'd suspect it will change the batteryFailed or some other mnemonic to designate an issue. I haven't had any long enough to use up a battery yet to know what the error will be.

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              i have the Eaton UnDP downloaded and installed.  is there a way to build a page resource to see the real time stats of this poller?

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                  I know this is an old post but since I just did something similar:


                  Yes you can. First you should click on the Customize Page button up above the summary to the far left. Then click on the + Add Tab button. Name the tab UPS and select a icon for it if you want. Add a Column if it doesn't exist. Then under the column click the + to add a resource. Find or search for a Universal Device Poller Status and click Add Selected Resources.


                  If you want visual graphs of some results like inputvoltage or something you might also want to add some Universal Device Poller Charts etc in a seperate column. Once you are done click Done. Click on your new UPS tab and you should get something like:


                  Eaton UPS Statistics Example