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    Migrate NPM, NCM, NTA and VNQM


      I'm in the process of migrating NPM, NCM, NTA and VNQM on a new server 2012 R2, they are currently installed on 2008 R2. I have read the migration documentation and there is something that is not clear to me. Do I have to install all the packages first and then reassign the nodes, restore custom reports and certificate for NCM?, or I have to install NPM then reassign the nodes to the new server, and continue with the others.

      this are the steps that I was thinking:

      1 Backup Orion database and NTA database.

      2 installed NPM, NCM, NTA,VNQM on a new server

      3 reassign nodes

      4 change name/IPs from old server to new server

      5 restore custom reports and others

      6 make sure it works.


      SolarWinds database and NTA database have their own separate box.(Not planning to move this)