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    Unable to connect to Orion source


      I've just installed Alert Central and attempted to connect it with an Orion instance, but it can't seem to contact Orion:


      Looking at other postings here, I've checked for the following:


      1. Username and password correct? - YES

      2. Can each node ping the other? - YES

      3. Access lists blocking something?

        Both Orion and Alert Central are running in VM's on the same hardware node, on the same subnet,

            and are networked in the same vswitch - no access lists between them.

      4. Are ports open: 80, 443, 17777, 17778 (not sure where these come from but I saw them in another post):

        On Alert Central I see:

             80 - No listener (but 8080 is open)

             443 - No listener (but 8443 is open)

             17777 - No listener

             17778 - No listener

        On Orion I see:

             80 - Open (WWW Services)

             443 - Open (WWW Services)

             17777 - Open (Solarwinds Information Service)

             17778 - Not open


      Anyone have an idea or anything else I should look for?