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    Need to reconfigure SNMP R/W in NPM for all node.


      Hello, I'm new to Solarwinds and need to resolve an issue I was tasked with. I think I came across a resolution for this in the community but, was hoping someone could explain it again to me. So, I have 764 out of 928 nodes that Solarwinds cannot download a running config due to the following error "ERROR: Cannot download Running config : No response using the specified credentials,TFTP Host: nnn.nn.nnn.nnn " I believe I need to reconfigure SNMP R/W in NPM for all nodes but, not sure how to do that. I appreciate anyone's support. Thank you (This is my current env; Orion Core 2012.2.2, NCM 7.1.1, NPM 10.4.2, NTA 3.11.0, IVIM 1.5.0, VNQM 4.0 ).

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          Leon Adato

          NPM isn't going to let you mass-change SNMP settings on your nodes - in fact, changing settings is exactly what SNMP R/W is for!


          That said, our NCM tool (and it's scaled-down cousin, Kiwi CatTools) is designed to back up configs, let you make changes to one or more devices, and generally control everything about the network device configuration side of the world.

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            You do not need SNMP R/W to backup configs. You only need SNMP R/O. But it sounds like your problem is related to the username and password.


            If you are monitoring your node successfully in NPM using SNMP, then your SNMP settings are correct. You don't need to do anything with it.


            So the easiest way to check if you can successfully back up a node is to go to Node Management, select the Node and click on Edit Properties. Then scroll down to this section.



            Fill out the settings you want to use (like username and password and Request Configs Using) and then click on Test. If it comes back with Test Successful! then you know your settings are correct and now NCM will backup your configs.


            I use TELNET for all my general config backups.

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                Thank you for the insight. However, excuse my limited knowledge but, I don't have that section. Mine look like this;


                Login Infomation


                Login Credentials:
                Username: Reset to ${GlobalUsername}
                Password: Reset to ${GlobalPassword}
                Enable Level:
                Enable Password: Reset to ${GlobalEnablePassword}


                Device Template:
                Execute Scripts Using:
                Request Configs Using:
                Transfer Configs Using:
                Telnet Port: Reset to ${GlobalTelnetPort}
                SSH Port: Reset to ${GlobalSSHPort}
                Browse via HTTPs:
                Allow Terminal Server Support:
                Use Keyboard Interactive Authentication: