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    Network design for secure EXADATA monitoring with DPA



      My question is in regards to the monitoring of EXADATA. Exadata has an OOB network that is used to manage the Exadata components, however this network CANNOT be used to monitor the database performance of its instances. What would be the best practice to enable monitoring of multiple instances, while preserving that production data is not mixed with management (monitoring) traffic?

      What does Solarwinds recommend on this issue, and is there any documentation available that touches on this issue?



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          Good question.  This may come down to an architectural issue within your specific environment, but generally speaking, we have to get a jdbc connection to the instance.  So we need to be able to reach the listener (sometimes the admin interface is not being listened on).  Since we are agentless, this would be a requirement.  You can think of DPA as basically just another application needing access to the instance.

          Now I get that you don't want to mix traffic, so it may require a listener configuration tweak (to listen on admin interface).