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    Volume Space Alerting


      We have 2 volume space alerts configured:


      Warning - (Volume % Used >=90% AND Volume % Used <95%) AND Volume Space Free<15GB

      Critical - Volume % Used >=95% AND Volume Space Free<5GB

      Currently when a volume goes into a Warning state the Warning alert is triggered, an entry to the log is made and email is sent to support personnel. The Warning alert is configured to send an email every 4 hours while triggered. If the volume goes from Warning to a Critical state, the Warning alert is reset (log entry made and reset email sent) and a Critical alert is set, again log entry made and email sent. The Critical alert is configured to send an email every 2 hours while triggered. When the volume goes from Critical to Warning the same thing happens in reverse.

      I want to configure these alerts so the Warning alert stops sending emails when the volume is in a Critical state BUT not reset the alert until the trigger condition is no longer valid.

      U: = 91% and 14GB Free - Trigger Warning Alert and send Warning Alert email.

      U: = 96% and 4.6GB Free - Suspend Warning Alert and Trigger Critical Alert, Send Critical Alert email only.

      U: = 94% and 8GB Free - Send Critical Reset email, unsuspend Warning Alert (Volume is still in Warning state) Send Warning email.

      U: = 82% and 24BG Free - Send Warning Reset email.

      If I remove the upper limit of the Warning Alert, (Volume % Used >=90%)AND Volume Space Free<15GB), I don't get the reset email until the Warning trigger condition is cleared but now I get multiple emails, Warning and Critical.

      Any ideas how I might accomplish this? Thanks.

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          Leon Adato

          I'm not sure you can do that. You can set the alert logic so that the warning is reset when either the problem is resolved OR the condition moves into the critical range (and ditto for critical).


          But what you are asking for is essentially to put logic on the alert trigger itself (send email UNLESS disk utilization > 96%), which is not something I think can be done.


          but I can't wait to see if any of the other Thwack-izens will prove me wrong!

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            I cannot admit to using this feature yet in production but I remember during beta testing the web-based alert manager's complex conditions for this exact sort of situation.

            SolarWinds Online Help

            this is a screenshot of the 2nd condition after the first but I don't think you can control the actions from this - you would still need to reset the warning alert before it stops it's actions and critical takes over.

            Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.53.00 PM.png