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    Account Lockouts widget


      I wanted to create a widget based on Account Lockouts filter.
      A simple one, a table with three columns: Event Info (Account lockout "user"), Source machine (to see where it got locked out), and Time of the lockout (preferably) or Count as a third one.


      In widget builder I can't seem to have more than one field to be displayed, although it has a "versus" field that I thought I could use somehow to display two of any of the fields I need.


      Is this just a limitation of the widget builder or there actually is a way to get it to work?

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          I've been playing with it, and I had some of our support guys try, and it doesn't appear that a multi-column table such as you describe is possible.

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              nicole pauls

              Unfortunately it's only designed to show counts (basically the same thing that would drive the pie/line chart), so you can see something like:

              Destination Account | Time

              accountname | 1


              but you can't add the third column.


              This is a good idea though. When you choose a table, it'd be nice to have an "also include these fields" kind of option.


              In this case I'd probably go with building your chart based on Event Info, since it also contains the username.