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    Location and Name of Local Agent Installer Log




      While attempting to install the Local Agent Installer on a Windows 8.1 machine, one of the screens displayed the following: “The installation of SolarWinds Log & Event Manager Agent is finished, but some errors occurred during the install.  Please see the installation log for details.”


      Reading the below link, “a log file is left on your desktop or in the root of the C: drive that describes the issue”.  I am not able to find this log file on my desktop nor am I able to find this log on the root of the C: drive.  What should be the name of this file?  Help.






      Last question: is there a difference in functionality of the Local Agent Installer vs. Remote Agent Installer for Windows?




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          nicole pauls

          The last place I've seen this log file was on the desktop, and it was an XML file, but it seems to be pretty unreliable when you see this error. Also in my experience, the issue is minor, and it's actually successfully installed (does everything seem okay with the agent you installed?).


          Remote installer: you run this from a system on the network, it shows you a list (or you provide a list) of systems, and you can "push" the agent install to other systems (nothing shows up on the target system).


          Local installer: you run this from the system you want to install on directly. You can also run this in "silent" mode so it doesn't prompt for anything, otherwise it'll prompt for all of the install criteria.