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    Save and Save & EMail buttons


      We are one month into using WHD and the most frequent question from our team of techs is WHD seems to have a mind of it's own when sending e-mail.  So I would like to get some help from the community:


      The guide says:


      Ticket E-Mail Recipients

      E-mail to the client, assigned technician, level techs, group manager or other addresses via the Cc: and Bcc: fields can be sent when the ticket is saved. Select the recipient checkboxes and add Cc: or Bcc: addresses (comma separated) if necessary, then click the “Save & E-Mail” button. No mail is sent when clicking the “Save” button. Clicking the padlock icon makes the ticket private and not able to be viewed publicly.


      Is there a situation where e-mail is sent when the Save button is clicked?  For example, the assigned tech is changed and the save button is clicked - e-mail to the new and old techs?


      Also - the padlock says make the ticket private - but who is it hidden from ?  Techs?  Admins can see it?  Hidden from clients?



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          Not conclusive by any means but for us the assigned Tech or Tech group definitely get an email whenever a ticket is escalated or reassigned & you click Save, regardless of what ticks are in what boxes in the recipients.


          I think this will depend on how you have the Notifications section set up in Techs & the Force Email Notification To section in Tech Groups. Also worth checking what the Default Recipients are set up as for those Tech Groups because if they differ between groups I guess that could make things look sporadic as calls get reassigned around.


          The Make Private button we don't tend to use but it removes the ticks from & actually greys out the Client & CC checkboxes so you can't accidentally add them back in. The client doesn't get any email notifications & also they won't see the private ticket at all if they are logged into the portal. Any Techs can still see it though and Techs will still get emails too if they are checked in the recipients as they don't get cleared out.


          Hope this helps!

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            I find that an email is sent to a tech when you press save if the ticket is brand new and has never been saved before. If the tech is the creator and the assigned tech you can turn off the email notification when pressing save if the tech goes into settings and my account  and then unchecks the option that says I am assigned to a ticket. They will still get an email if the ticket is entered by another tech and assigned to them or if it is entered thru the portal and auto assigned to them.

            I never noticed the public padlock on the bottom before when would you use this or why? who can see it? other techs?

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              Im having similar problems but the main thing I need fixed is that when a ticket gets closed, the only way to get notification to the client that the ticket was closed is by putting a checkmark in the box for Client. Id like have that box checked automatically and not be able to be changed by the tech, if possible. Can that be done and if so, how?


              I want to ensure the Client gets a Closed Notification because the link for the ticket survey is on that notification.