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    Multiple profiles in FTP Voyager client config - Can this be done?


      Hi members,

      I would like to submit data for multiple departments (sites) from one FTP Voyager client configuration.  While I can create multiple sites, I cannot save all the attributes each sites in my client for future use.  My goal is to save multiple suite profiles, complete with public/private key, on my client and use each profile in a batch job for data transmission.

      At present, I ftp files for one department, update the public/private key path for the next department and upload the data, one after the other until the data transfers are completed. I have also tried configuring one site profile per client desktop and initiating singular data transfers from each.  However, this solution is not viable for our organization.

      Does anyone know of a way to configure multiple client profiles, in one FTP Voyager client, from which a batch job for multiple data transfers can be invoked?  Does FTP Voyager have a multi-user/multi-site license that would facilitate the scenario I presented?

      Thank you!