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    Exchange 2013 Support


      Can anyone confirm if there is any active development of Alert Central?  I've been reading through Thwack forums, but I don't see any official movement on this product for quite some time.  I am facing the same issue that many other users are encountering - cannot connect using Exchange 2013.  I see a few workarounds (such as using IMAP or POP3), but those options aren't available to me (nor many others). 


      This product looks amazing, and it seems to be a perfect fit for my environment.  However, if this is a dead project, or there are no plans for Exchange 2013 support in the somewhat near-future, I will need to look elsewhere.




      P.S. - Yes, I realize this is a free product.  I'm not complaining about that (or anything, really).  I'd just like to know if the product is being actively developed.

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          As far as anything related to "active development", this seems to have been all but abandoned.  I haven't seen any progress reports on the forum for some time now and I've honestly about given up on ever getting anything out of this for the time being.  This might not be a bad time to look for something with an active update cycle and support if you're looking for a reliable monitoring solution.