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    Resolution Categories


      How do we define resolution category fields similar to our ticket request types, yet, used to define what resolution was used for this incident.  basically how do we mark that the ticket was resolved by resetting a password or reinstalling an application to solve the incident in question?

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          You can change the status by: Going to setup then tickets and finally to status types, this is where you can either change the default ones or create new ones. Not sure if this answers the issue.

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              A resolution category is another term for closure code or resolution code. Its where you define WHY you marked the incident resolved or closed first call.


              Here are some examples


              • Advice Provided
              • Cancelled by user
              • Cannot fix
              • Could not replicate
              • Duplicate record
              • Hardware repaired
              • Hardware replaced
              • No action taken
              • Password reset
              • Related incident resolved
              • Related problem resolved
              • Resolved by 3rd party
              • Resolved by change
              • Resolved by user
              • Restart
              • Training provided
              • User error
              • Workaround

              These probably could be used as a custom field, yet, I was hoping a hierarchical dropdown could be used to mark multiple levels of resolution with top level codes similar to those listed below.

              • Helpdesk
              • Analyst
              • Developer
              • Admin