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    11.5 Alerting Inbps and Outbps calculation


      I recently upgraded to 11.5 from 11.0 and have been having many of the same issues that you've been having.  I figured out a way to help with the Utilization calculation problem introduced where values are displayed in bits per second only.  My conversion uses SQL for the Trigger Action and the following syntax to convert to Mbps which we are much happier with opposed to the 11.5 default.  When you edit your Trigger or Reset Action make sure you create a copy to preserve the default OR add new lines to your Action so you can go back to default easily


           Received : ${SQL: SELECT CONVERT(NUMERIC(15,2),CONVERT(NUMERIC(15,2),(${N=SwisEntity;M=Inbps}))/1000000)} Mbps

           Transmitted : ${SQL: SELECT CONVERT(NUMERIC(15,2),CONVERT(NUMERIC(15,2),(${N=SwisEntity;M=Outbps}))/1000000)} Mbps


      A value that was displayed like:


           Received : 6825321

           Transmitted : 7.765659E+08


      Now looks like:


           Received : 1.67 Mbps

           Transmitted : 967.86 Mbps


      If you are not measuring utilization in Megabits you can always change the divisor to 1000 for Kbps or even 1000000000 for Gbps if you're an all 10 Gig network.


      I hope this helps some people out.