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    "Uploading 1 files to https://api.solarwinds.com/swip/"


      I recently had Support assisting with some issues, and I noticed this in one of the logs.  I am curious as to what is going on here, and why...


      2015-02-27 01:10:12,996 [Scheduler] DEBUG SolarWinds.OrionImprovement.BusinessLayer.DataCollector - } CollectData exited

      2015-02-27 01:10:12,996 [Scheduler] DEBUG SolarWinds.OrionImprovement.BusinessLayer.Uploader - { DoUploads entered

      2015-02-27 01:10:12,996 [Scheduler] DEBUG SolarWinds.OrionImprovement.BusinessLayer.Uploader - Uploading 1 files to https://api.solarwinds.com/swip/

      2015-02-27 01:10:14,587 [Scheduler] DEBUG SolarWinds.OrionImprovement.BusinessLayer.Uploader - Uploading C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\OrionImprovement\Upload\UsageData-2015-02-27T06-53-22.zip returned OK

      2015-02-27 01:10:14,587 [Scheduler] INFO  SolarWinds.OrionImprovement.BusinessLayer.Uploader - Deleting C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\OrionImprovement\Upload\UsageData-2015-02-27T06-53-22.zip

      2015-02-27 01:10:14,587 [Scheduler] DEBUG SolarWinds.OrionImprovement.BusinessLayer.Uploader - } DoUploads exited

      2015-02-27 01:10:14,587 [Scheduler] DEBUG SolarWinds.OrionImprovement.BusinessLayer.OrionImprovementBusinessLayerPlugin - } OIP.BL CollectData exited

      2015-02-27 01:10:14,587 [Scheduler] INFO  SolarWinds.Common.Utility.ScheduledTask - CollectData succeeded


      It seems as if our SolarWinds server/system is collecting a bunch of data and sending it to SolarWinds.  I think there is a checkbox, when installing, that asks if we want to do something similar, however, we always disable that.  Is this related to something else entirely, or did that checkbox turn itself back on somehow?