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    Unusual problem with groups and dynamic queries



      • I have a number of groups that are defined with two dynamic queries
        • ((Nodes.CustomProperties.A_PartOf LIKE '%:sat:%') AND (Nodes.CustomProperties.Building = 'Place XX'))
        • ((Nodes.CustomProperties.A_PartOf LIKE '%:wan:%') AND (Nodes.CustomProperties.Building = 'Place XX'))
      • This allows me to create an aggregate group used to compute site availability.  The sites have either (a Satellite link or a WAN link) or both.
      • This works fine but I have some groups that when I drill into the ContainerMemberSnapshots table, I see 3 records
        • ContainerMemberSnapshotIDContainerIDNameFullNameEntityDisplayName



      • I want to generate an report and/or alert when there are not 2 members in the group.  The duplicates on lines 2,3 are screwing my report/alert



      • Why are there duplicates in the ContainerMemberSnapshots table ?

      Additional info / confusion:

      • The duplication of the two rows propagates into the database view Containers_AlertsAndReportsData
      • Report Builder only returns two rows.  Somehow it de-dups rows 2,3
      • Running the Report Builder SQL in the Database Manager returns 3 rows
      • The Group membership web only shows 2 members.  It has de-duped the data also.


      WTF am I missing?