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    View Limitation fails in NOC View


      We have some wall mounted screens and use the "NOC Dashboard" view to keep an eye on our equipment.


      My team are responsible for only a few, of the thousands of devices we have, so the "View Limitation" feature is awesome for us

      (we are limiting the view from a custom property in the Nodes table).


      Unfortunatley, this does not seem to work on certain panels:

      (I wonder if its because these do not require a Node and the device can exist just in VIM?)

      Top VM Latency

      Top Datastore IOPS

      Top VM IOPS


      In contrast it works correctly for these:

      Hosts with Problems

      Top XX Hosts by Network Utilizaition

      Top XX Hosts by CPU Load

      Top XX Hosts by Percent Memory

      Top XX Hosts by Number of Running VM's


      Any ideas welcome!

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          I apologize for the much delayed response.  You are correct, in order to use a custom property to limit a view you would need to have each VM added as a node. VIM actually does not use a node license when pulling a VM into the environment using VIM.  VIM will however count each host as a node which gives you the custom property to limit the view on and why it works for your hosts with problems example.  Alternatively you can create a view limitation by using the "Group of Virtual Machines" option which allows you to specify what virtual machines you want to include in the view or "Virtual Machine Name Pattern" so you don't have to modify the view each time a specific VM is added (assuming there is a name pattern that will work for you to filter on).


          Limit View-VM.jpg


          I hope this helps.